Abstrakte Malerei, Acryl, easy, simples

The colors are not just juxtaposed but also lie on top of each other without receiving any color tones. I don’t even want to have, and this picture was created from it from this topic and yes, then I’ll show you how I did it now. I have the big screen here and put white on it, and here I have it black, mixed pigments, relatively liquid and add them to and with mine window wiper. I can now work out structures the color glides over the surface so nicely, because the black is very very is liquid. That goes well over the canvas, and so I can draw and wipe the paint well when I have now taken finished, acrylic paint and would have left it like that, I would not have been able to move it on the surface.

The white is finished, acrylic paint and can be different apply as my mixed color and yes, if you use finished paint work, get the canvas really wet. I’M getting darker and darker now and let myself be inspired again and again from what I am seeing right now. So I have no submission now, where I am painting or want to depict something, but with this technology you can easily get involved with the colors just work very slowly. Yes, the area is quite colorful here and here I need another. Nice contrast – and I add black again if you paint the one I’m busy with a topic, you can do it. You can also bring in words in your picture, especially with abstracts very good when the paint is still wet.

Just take your brush style and write the words in the wet paint. Now I have taken the picture has already applied white and now give sometimes a pink one. This is not normal pink. This is with neon pigments mixed. Its right that pops, ) and cadmium orange is also a big favorite of mine. I also like the color. So often it doesn’t cover at all, so I made it too fluid so that it could work better with the neon orange mixes.

Because the paint is dry in the ground, you can use the wet Wipe the paint off again. That looks blue on it looks very cool that shines very nicely. I hope it dries off like that too right now there is one place where I want to have smooth transitions.

I know if it’s too thin, then I can see the underground. I want that, but I also want a nice clear, blue, so I just have to do it again, add a little blue so that it remains opaque. Now I would like to have more yellow on the surface and now look at that everything that runs into the blue. Now I can’t do anything anymore. It turns green then, but I work down here and push the colors always like this and yes, then it is also the last shade. I think that is also finished. Soon Your workplace will definitely be colorful. You would have to open it prepare each case. That’S the card: it’s always nice with them sayings it’s often not as easy to implement, as you have seen, black and white is also possible and also looks nice and gray is also great. I, like many shades of gray, but colorful is something completely different. Yes, I hope you enjoyed the video and you could do something for yourself again take away from it. Thank you for watching, and also for your like. I thank you and for your comment, I’m very happy about it. Thank you and bye, see you next time. Petra

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