Art and Meditation – Helps Silence our Mind and Stop Thinking

We all appreciate pictures of great mountains, lakes, waterfalls and oceans, News feeds on social media supply, endless clips of playful puppies, kittens and pandas, But ever wonder why The answer is more subtle, then you think Inside every one of us there’s Divinity reflected in our heart. As the Spirit The Atma in Sanskrit language, One of the qualities of the Atma is innocence, an innocence that can never be destroyed within us. No matter what we do, it can only get clouded. Nature is innocent, whether it showers us with warm summer rains or destroys us in powerful tornadoes. Animals are innocent, whether they are cute or ferocious, whether they steal food or ruin. Furniture.

And thats why we can forever appreciate nature in its beauty and glory. Another quality of the Spirit is the gift of appreciation of aesthetics. We dont need to go to the art school to appreciate Leonardo’s, Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David, the grandeur of the Taj Mahal or the simplicity of Zen Gardens. Art masterpieces are universally appreciated because they emit vibrations. They appeal to our Spirit, Painters, sculptors and architects who created those works were Realized Souls They were able to take feelings of beauty, exuberance and faith and use those feelings to create Masterpieces that transcend language barriers, cultures and centuries, because those Masters touched something in our hearts. That cannot die our Atma

Progress towards enlightenment is to become connected to the same source that great artists, writers, performing artists or other creative masters are able to channel Progress in our meditation helps us both ways creating and appreciating art The work of an artist who is connected to the Atma emits Subtle vibrations: So, let’s all enjoy some beautiful art in meditation. We’Ll take a slow deep breath from the bottom of our stomach and straighten up our body When thoughts come, you simply put our attention above our head to stay mentally quiet and take another deep breath Enjoy.

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